Project We Can Help (Anti-Bullying Organization)


Project We Can Help (PWCH), an Non-Profit Anti-Bullying Organization based in Aurora, Colorado devoted to educating children and adults to prevent and to stop bullying.

The traditional methods and thought processes for solving bullying situations are limited in their effectiveness. Some methods often involve only the victim and the bully in a school place environment, but does not take into account other important influences to those involved such as their social circles, home, environments, parents, family, etc.

PWCH is committed to a holistic and proactively involved approach that targets all aspects of a bullying situation to stop it in its tracks permanently.

Planned Activities

Advocacy: We will provide advocacy to both parties (Bully & Victim) as needed to family, school and court systems.

Mentoring: We will recruit, train students and school staff as mentors to both
parties (Bully & Victim) offering as needed support throughout the school day.

Training & Education: We will offer structured Anti-Bullying trainings and participatory educational programming for students, school staff, parents and community organizations.

Investigating and Monitoring Services: We will conduct a through initial assessment including documenting each parties “side of the story,” interviewing all parties involved including school officials, to determine needed resources, support and develop a plan of action for follow up. We Can Help will offer on going monitoring, follow up services through daily, weekly or as needed contact with both parties and their families. We Can Help will offer the option of assistance with social media monitoring and electronic voice recording for the victim.

Counseling: We will provide an on going counseling on an as needed case by case basis.

Employment Counseling placement and support services for parents: We will assist parents of both parties with assessing what resources and services are needed to better support the family towards recovery, job counseling, childcare needs and referral to entitlement programs if needed.

We are currently developing a pilot program for High School Students to help educate, inspire and involve them in helping to prevent bullying and promote safe environments for all. We welcome Grant Writing Students in helping secure funding for these programs.
Counseling, Mentoring, Advocacy, Fundraising and Multi-Media Educational Programs.

We look forward to collaborating on these projects with the students at CU University and we look forward to hearing from you.

Ira Alcantara
Executive Director (PWCH)