YMCA - Fall 2018 Capstone

Fall 2018 Capstone
Organization: YMCA
Contact: Amy Grant.  Email: is wgrantfam@msn.com
Summary: Needs assessment for YMCA southeast Denver community.  What organizations/programs currently are in place delivering services; what gaps exist; what is the YMCA best suited to address. Here is a link to the "Healthier Communities Initiative" which has been implemented in various communities across the US, and has spurred the YMCA’s interest.  http://www.ymca.net/healthier-communities
Some of the questions that need to be addressed include: Questions which we have identified in our initial efforts to formulate a plan to present to our Board, include:
  • How can the YMCA best quantify the need for food in our community? 
  • If the need exists, what gaps exist in supplying food to those in need?
  • What options for addressing these gaps?
  • How can we leverage our work in disease prevention?
  • How can we raise the awareness of the need for good nutrition within the Y?
  • How can we reinforce and enhance the Y sense of community with these actions?
  • Should we disseminate information regarding services supplied by other organizations?
  • What community partnerships exist in which the Y could meaningfully become a participant?
  • What resources does the Y have (or need to acquire) to address these needs


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