Job Coach/Retention Specialist

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The Job Coach/Retention Specialist (JC/RS) position is essential to identifying and addressing CEO participants’ barriers to employment. Through early intervention and appropriate support services, he/she is devoted to helping participants stay motivated while working on transitional job sites and focused on their efforts to retain permanent employment. The JC/RS has a caseload of Non-Job Start Ready (Non-JSR) participants to whom they provide support services that will change their Non-JSR status to JSR. He/she monitors participant progress utilizing weekly targeted case management, Motivational Interviewing, and connections and referrals to other support services agencies.


The JC/RS is also responsible for helping CEO achieve targeted retention outcomes. He/she will keep participants engaged in CEO services and in the labor force for twelve months from the start of the first job placement after the individual successfully completes the Pathways To Employment class.  A successful JC/RS understands customer relationship management and the importance of quality data entry. He/she will be responsible for maintaining and documenting the status of the relationship between the participant and CEO in CEO’s case-management system, Salesforce.


Key Responsibilities 


Case Management

  • Maintains weekly contact with participants, identifying problems early and providing necessary support.

  • Engages each participant in on-going discussions about his or her employment goals and uses Motivational Interviewing techniques as appropriate to help guide participant to goal achievement.

  • Records a weekly progress summary for each participant detailing the specific steps taken to resolve Non-JSR status and the nature and quality of the participant's overall participation in the program.

  • Develops and produces a professional resume for each participant.

Database Management

  • Maintains accurate records and records changes in participants' contact information in CRM system.

  • Updates progress notes in Salesforce at each meeting with participants or after talking to participants via phone.

  • Reviews daily Site Supervisor feedback and enters data in CEO’s CRM system, Salesforce.

Wraparound Services

  • Maintains contact with Site Supervisors on transitional crews to gain feedback on participant progress and is responsive to their concerns, if any.

  • Contacts (via email) the Parole Officer of each participant at initial assignment of participant to caseload.

  • Keeps Parole Officers or referring partners regularly informed about participants’ progress.

  • Actively participates in conversations around participant's Job Start Ready (JSR) or Non-Job Start Ready (Non-JSR) progress with office vocational staff as well as County Director.

  • Interacts with other CEO departments and local Community Supervision agencies to gather information and promote special projects.

  • Makes appropriate referrals to outside agencies when necessary and documents in Salesforce.


Post-Placement Services:

  • Researches and connects participants with educational and vocational opportunities based on their individualized long-term goals, as appropriate.

  • Schedules and spends appropriate time in the field.  Makes the determination of the time needed based on intimate knowledge of his or her caseload and the specific needs of each individual participant

  • Retention milestone Activities:

Strategically manages caseload according to client need and milestone outcomes.

  • Re-engages post-placement participants for the purpose of retrievals and redevelopment.

  • Distributes retention incentives to eligible participants as per the rules and requirements of the Rapid Rewards Program.

  • Manages participant paystub records in Salesforce and as per direction of the County Director.

Characteristics and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree or relevant experience

  • Experience: 2 – 3 years of relevant experience with a criminal justice population

  • Knowledge of the city where the office is located.

  • Bilingual English/Spanish preferred (not required).

Benefits and Perks

The compensation range for this position is $42,000. In addition, team members can receive health coverage, paid parental leave, a pension plan, sick and vacation time, paid holidays and more.


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