Douglas County: Community Justice Services Officer

Douglas County, Community Justice Services Officer


The Community Justice Services division of Douglas County is seeking a Community Justice Services Officer to join their team. This position is part-time, approximately 30 hours per week.

This position performs a variety of interviewing, caseload management, intake placement and agency development associated with the Douglas County Community Justice Service's programming to include Pretrial Release, Alternative Services / Useful Public Service, In-home Detention (Post Electronic Monitoring) and the Douglas County Multiple Offender program. This includes coordinating services with the courts, attorneys, probation offices and other community services providers to include working with pretrial, adjudicated and convicted clientele.

What you will do (the following is a sample of the duties):

·  Supervises defendants ordered by the court to be placed under Pretrial Release supervision to ensure appearance for scheduled court hearings and compliance with all court ordered conditions of bond. Reports the defendant's compliance, or noncompliance to the Courts, District Attorney's and the defense counsel.

·  Interview felony and misdemeanor defendants for the purpose of establishing and verifying residence, family ties, employment and past criminal history to assist the District/County courts in setting appropriate bail bonds.

·  Secures defendant's information from the Colorado Crime Information Center / National Crime Information Center (NCIC/CCIC), and the Colorado Judicial Information System. The defendant's information is entered into the above stated databases to verify whether or not the defendant has a prior criminal history. Information is gathered and included in the report submitted to the Douglas County District/County courts.

·  Receives referrals from the District/County courts, Probation Officer and other criminal justice agencies to provide electronic monitoring. Electronic monitoring components are deployed in Pretrial Release Supervision, In-home detention and the Douglas County Multiple Offender program.

·  Maintains and monitors a caseload of defendants ordered to complete in-home detention pursuant to 18-1.3-105, C.R.S.

·  Maintains and monitors a caseload of defendants ordered to complete the Douglas County Multiple Offender Program in lieu of an extended jail sentence.

·  Receives referrals from the District/County courts, Probation Officers, and other criminal justice entities for defendants who are court ordered to complete community service hours. Interviews, screens and places defendants in appropriate nonprofit agencies to complete their community service hours.

·  Develops monitors and visits nonprofit referral agencies to ensure effective placement of community service defendants and adherence to safety guidelines & program rules and regulations.

·  Maintains a large caseload monitoring client performance with referral agency and prepares written reports indicating the client's compliance or noncompliance with court orders. Attends court hearings for the purpose of gathering and clarifying information to the District / County courts regarding the Pretrial Release & Useful Public Service / Alternative Services programs.

·  Enters and maintains updated bond reports and client supervision information on the Division's computer database system. Maintains and prepares monthly statistical reports and assists with preparation of quarterly and annual reports associated with the Useful Public Service / Alternative Services, Pretrial Release and In-home Detention programs. May have increased responsibilities in monitoring and resolving computer related problems and procedures.

·  Performs other duties as assigned.

You may qualify if you have:

  • Baccalaureate degree in criminal justice, social science or a similar related field.


A minimum of two years experience working in the criminal justice system, case management and/or pretrial experience is preferred or any equivalent combination of education and experience that satisfy the requirements of the position.

As a vital partner in Douglas County's success, we offer you a comprehensive employee benefits package with many choices for greater flexibility.

Pay range for this position is $2,782.00 - $3,477.00 Monthly, depending on qualifications.

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Application Deadline Date: 
May 17, 2017

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