The Civic Canopy (Manager/Director Jobs)

The Civic Canopy is looking to add two dynamic, energetic, and collaborative members to our team. Please take a look at these opportunities:
Canopy Team: Manager: The Manager will coordinate and support the community-driven East5ide Unified|Unido initiative which is designed to build a thriving network of support systems and a community-wide commitment to ensure all children and families are valued, healthy and thriving. East5ide Unified|Unido is being awarded a three-year grant from the Office of Health Equity, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to expand its work to enhance responsive, family friendly policies in large neighborhood institutions. Find more here.
Canopy Team: Director: The Director will lead, coordinate and oversee the Community Learning and Development Partner (CLDP) project, in partnership with The Colorado Health Foundation (TCHF). One of the key features of TCHF’s locally-focused work is the CLDP which offers tailored advice, coaching, technical assistance and networking services to individuals, organizations and coalitions who are centrally involved in community health-improvement work. Find more here.


Application Deadline Date: 
May 10, 2018

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