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Capstone Project - Request
The International Association for Public Participation USA, or IAP2 USA, was organized in
2010 as an affiliate of IAP2. Central to the organization’s approach to public participation is a
conceptual model for project design and facilitation that is decision-oriented, objective-driven,
and values-based.
IAP2 USA is a private, nonprofit membership organization currently serving 1200 members in
government, academia, consulting firms, and nonprofits across the country. Members range
from college students to seasoned professionals. Eight locally managed regional chapters
provide networking and professional development opportunities.
After nearly a decade of steady growth, the IAP2 USA board recognizes it must prepare for
the next phase of the organization’s development. Also, the organization’s long-time
Executive Manager, a half-time contractor, is preparing to retire. This review is meant to help
the board navigate key decisions, opportunities and change.
As a membership association we need to ensure that we are meeting our members needs.

So ….:
● With a limited budget and limited staff resources how do we deliver on the Strategic
● With the Executive Manager retiring in November 2019 it is time to take another look
at contract staff responsibilities (IAP2 USA has been staffed by a contract Executive
Manager (58 hours/month) who supervises three hourly part-time, contract staff - total
hours are approximately one full time person). Do we have the right staff to support
what the Board wants to accomplish? How do we recruit and retain good staff on a
limited budget? What should succession planning look like? Are contract employees
the right approach?
● What is the role for a volunteer Board and members to support the initiatives of IAP2
● What does sustainability look like for a non-profit - finance, staff, activities?

Contact: Lisa Carlson


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