Behavioral Therapies Program Evaluation, Capstone.

Tri-West Group is seeking a capstone student. This is a program where young people (many with autism or Down Syndrome, etc.) are eligible to receive behavioral therapy services (either in an office or their own homes). The program looks at program costs and surveys/interviews parents to determine their level of satisfaction with services as well as perceptions of the effectiveness of therapies. Students could help conduct telephone interviews and analyze survey results. There would also be some opportunity to do some specific cost analysis. A capstone could be developed within this area, that would involve helping with finding other state’s evaluations of behavioral therapies, looking at how successful outcomes are measured, and analyzing interview data (semi-structured, qualitative data) to make recommendations for a more general survey approach or other ways of examining outcomes for children.

If you are interested in learning more, please send an email and resume to:

Tonya Aultman-Bettridge, PhD.  Principal
Tri-West Group


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